Diamond Engagement Rings

Browse our collection of diamond engagement rings to discover the passion for style which ensures every design we create is one we are proud to call our own.

Hand crafted expertise and meticulous attention to detail are the essential ingredients which inspire us to create perfection.

“For an expression of love that will last a lifetime, platinum and diamonds are the perfect choice”

Engagement Rings

About Diamond by Appointment

Drawing from the creative drive of our talented team of designers, goldsmiths and diamond buyers, our collective design brief is to make a remarkable product for you “with our enduring passion”.

With 26 years of dedication and experience, the pledge is to deliver true value in the gift of a diamond as the symbol of your enduring love and emotional commitment.

About us

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We believe the only way to buy fine diamond jewellery is by way of an informed choice.

It takes years of training to master the art of designing, manufacturing and setting diamonds into exceptional platinum and gold jewellery.

Meet with one of our professional experts who will advise and educate on the finer details of what makes a perfect diamond ring for you.

"Experience the touch and feel of true craftsmanship."

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