Diamonds are not invincible.

Although a diamond is the hardest substance that occurs in nature, it still requires special care and attention. It is possible to damage your diamond or cause its appearance to become less than spectacular.

What causes damage to a diamond?

Daily wear can dull the brightness and brilliance of your diamond if it is exposed to perspiration, household detergents, lotions, dirt and other chemicals. If a diamond is hit hard enough near the girdle area it can be damaged.

Follow our five simple steps to care for your diamond and ensure it is radiates for years to come.

  1. Protect the setting
    Our skilled setting techniques optimise the brilliance and beauty of your diamond, whilst keeping it firmly protected in the setting.

  2. Store diamond correctly
    When not wearing your diamond place each piece in an individual pouch made from soft cloth.

  3. Regular inspection
    Accidental knocks do happen and you should frequently examine the claws securing your diamond.

  4. Periodic Cleaning
    The main purpose of cleaning diamond rings is to remove any greasy debris trapped in the mount, therefore allowing the maximum amount of light to emanate from the diamond. Most gold or platinum jewellery can be cleaned in warm soapy water; detergent is equally as good. It can be gently brushed using an old tooth brush if you wish to remove debris from behind the stones. Avoid cleaning agents containing abrasives, including toothpaste. Avoid cleaning stone-set jewellery in a sink; if stones become loose during cleaning they can easily get lost down the drain.

    Tubs of ‘jewellery cleaner’ are available at most jewellers. Jewellery manufacturers and workshops use ultrasonic cleaning tanks. In this case, the actual cleaning is performed by the cleaning solution (usually a mixture of ammonia and detergent) and the ultrasonics provides the agitation to remove particles of dirt. Your jeweller is likely to clean your diamond during an inspection. Even if there is a small charge for this service, it is money well worth spending.

  5. Repolishing
    Diamond rings are bound to become scratched over time. It is a matter of preference as to whether or not you like this look. If your jewellery does become matt and dull, it can usually be repolished.